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Rain - Run?
Myth Myth 5.35 Average Coins Credited (Rating) 5/10 | 2143 Clicks
You cant run away from the rain. Drop with the drops, drop to your knees and savour the water!
Tags: busted, rain, run, wet, [SFW]
Lego Houses
Picture Picture 5.50 Average Coins Credited (Rating) 6/10 | 8583 Clicks
The architects clearly started their career by playing with lego.
Tags: lego, houses, flats, [SFW]
Bowling Wonders
General General 5.14 Average Coins Credited (Rating) 5/10 | 2594 Clicks
Some very impressive bowling shots. Collection of videos.
Decisive Men? Yes? No? Er...
Fact Fact 5.41 Average Coins Credited (Rating) 5/10 | 1956 Clicks
Im terrible for making my mind up regarding food - I want loads of stomachs so I can eat loads. Kinda like a USB pen, but a plugin stomach. I think Im on to something... Patent check... (Sorry for the kink in subject flow)
George Bush My Slumps
Video Video 5.62 Average Coins Credited (Rating) 6/10 | 2235 Clicks
Another one of Mad Tv's Little concoctions, It's basicly a George Bush (he's the President, to all the Dumb asses out there) Singing His vers ion of The black eyed peas - my humps (or in his case slumps, dumps and rumps).
Hard as nails Ref!
Video Video 5.48 Average Coins Credited (Rating) 5/10 | 2067 Clicks
This referee lays down the rules. Wham bam! Respect those in authority, or you could get slammed! Click to learn a lesson!
Top 10 Billboard Advertisements
List List 5.51 Average Coins Credited (Rating) 6/10 | 2720 Clicks
Marketing that really does leave a mark. 'You did ask for a sign' GOD. Funny!
Crazy Compilation
Video Video 5.50 Average Coins Credited (Rating) 6/10 | 1689 Clicks
Ouch ouch ouch! Painful montage! Im sure all were okay in the end!
John Kerry and John Bon Jovi
Quote Quote 5.41 Average Coins Credited (Rating) 5/10 | 2661 Clicks
Politicians never make the cool cut! Also comparing yourself to Jon Bon Jovi is not cool, its cheesy!
Who killed the Chess King?
Picture Picture 5.22 Average Coins Credited (Rating) 5/10 | 5792 Clicks
Chess is a dangerous game. Time for some CSI: CHESS! Who killed the king?
Tags: king, chess, dead, murder, [SFW]

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